How to brew Loose Leaf Tea?

How to brew Loose Leaf Tea?

At chaadao, we think tea is more than a hot beverage, is a very personal experience steeped in ritual. Learning how to brew loose leaf tea is simple and the taste, strength and additional flavours are completely down to your personal preference. There are few things you can follow to ensure you get a delicious cup of tea and reap the benefits with every cup.

1. Firstly, using good quality loose leaf tea is the most important step.

Loose Leaf Chai Tea

2. Use the right amount of tea leaves and water, we recommend 3g (1 heaped tea spoon) for a tea cup and 6g (2 heaped tea spoon) for a tea pot.

Tea cups and tea pots

3. Use the right tea leaf infuser to allow the leaves to move around in the cup or pot.

4. A great cup of tea starts with filtered water, the more oxygen in the water the better the tea will taste. Make sure the water is at the right temperature. For black, herbal and fruit teas, boil filtered water and pour directly over the tea leaves. For green and oolong, wait for the water to cool for couple of minutes before pouring to avoid burning the tea leaves, which can be bitter when burnt.

loose leaf tea kettle

5. Brew your tea for 2-5 minutes, this depends on your preference in strength. 2-3 minutes is highly recommended for blackgreen and oolong teas. For herbal and fruit teas, 3-5 minutes would be ideal.

loose leaf tea infuser

6. Remove the tea leaves from your cup or your pot once you’re happy with the strength. Enjoy your brew!

drinking loose leaf tea