How to use your leftover loose tea leaves?

How to use your leftover loose tea leaves?

Deodorise your fridge

Tea leaves are extremely efficient in absorbing odours. This is why they are perfect for making your fridge smells good. Put used tea leaves in a mesh bag and place it in your refrigerator to get rid of unpleasant odours. Try our Iron Goddess Oolong to give the natural tea scent.

Use as compost

Tea leaf is highly acidic and full of nutrients, this is why we love our healthy teas so much, it's not surprising that it can also help plants thrive. So before throwing out your used tea leaves, you can give your plants that need a little extra love.

Compost: Instead of dumping out those steeped tea leaves, throw them into a compost pile to help nurture your plant pots or garden. You can use our loose leaf teas or whole steeped tea pyramids in the compost, as our pyramid bags are biodegradable.

Water and feed plants: When you pot a new plant, place a handful of tea leaves or a couple of tea pyramids in the drainage at the bottom of the plant pot. Since tea leaf is highly absorbent, it will help absorb excess water that will then get released slowly back into the plant. You can also water your plants with leftover tea, instead of pouring it down the sink. Or feed your plants by scattering steeped tea leaves into the top layer of the soil.

Use as incense 

Use a oil burner with a candle to roast the steeped tea leaves and get them smoking slightly. The smoke has a pleasant natural aroma and is effective at absorbing bad odours in the house. Try our Earl Grey for the refreshing scent and Vanilla Chai for the winter spice scent. 

Relaxing tea bath

Steeping in a bath of tea leaf can be as relaxing as sipping on a cup of infused tea. Add the used tea leaves or a few tea pyramids to the bathtub as it fills with water and leave them in while you soak. Or fill a muslin bag with your favourite loose leaf tea blend, hang it over the bath faucet and let the water run over it as the tub fills.

The tea helps to sterilise your skin and acts as a tonic. You could also create an exotic bubble bath by adding some nice soap and baking soda to your bath. You can try our Rosebuds, it is full of antioxidant and vitamin C, which helps blood circulation, radiant complexion and prevent wrinkles. 


Tea leaves are very effective in absorbing excess moisture. If you place dried used tea leaves in an open bowl and keep it in a damp cupboard, the leaves help to reduce the dampness. Make sure to replace the dry tea leaves from time to time. 

Potpourri: Place dry, scented tea leaves in small, decorative bowls in key locations around the house to infuse your home with the natural scent of your favourite teas.

Car air freshener: You can fill a muslin bag with tea leaves and hang it in your car to create a natural scent. Jasmine Green is perfect for this occasion.