What is Puerh Tea?

What is Puerh Tea?

Puerh tea is a fermented and the most oxidised tea, originated from the Yunnan tea gardens in China. One of the unique qualities which separates Puerh with other teas is that it can mellow and improve with age like fine wine. 

To be considered a Puerh, the tea leaves must be grown in Yunnan Province. Puerh is highly valued in China with thousands of years of history. 

How is Puerh tea made?

After the tea leaves are picked from the large-leaf tea tree, the leaves are pan fried, rolled and made into a sun-dried base tea called Mao Cha. The fermentation of Mao Cha create the final Puerh tea.

The fermentation process used after producing Mao Cha determines the type of Puerh, which is known as Sheng Puerh and Shou Puerh. 

Sheng Puerh is carefully aged under supervised conditions, often aged for 15 or 20 years. Some Puerh of this type can be aged for 50 years for a richer, deeper, smoother, more complex in flavours. 

Shou Puerh applies heat and moisture in the processing technique, this process introduces beneficial bacteria in the tea leaves. The leaves are left to ripen for a year, it can then be aged for 3 or 5 years. 

What does Puerh tea taste like?

Puerh tea is rich and deep flavour with an earthy note, it pairs very well with rich desserts and dim sum. Puerh tea often appeals to coffee drinkers, because of its complex flavours. 

Emperor Puerh

A fermented black tea from Yunnan, China. Complex earthy flavour, aromatic with dark fruit notes. The ageing process create a unique taste profile making no two brews will taste the same.

What is the benefits of Puerh tea?

Puerh tea aids in digestion

The micro-organisms produce from the fermentation process in Puerh tea help increase the healthy bacterial flora in the stomach and intestines, some studies suggest this aids in digestions. 

Puerh tea reduces stress and helps with sleep

Despite the caffeine, Puerh tea contains micro-organisms and theanine, which are properties that help reduce stress levels and increase the production of natural melatonin in the brain, resulting in decreased stress, stabilised mood and improved sleeping patterns.