What is White Tea?

What is White Tea?

White tea is one of the most delicate and valued tea varieties, its origin is Chinese tea farms. White tea is made from the youngest and most tender tea leaf tips and buds, handpicked before the tea leaves are fully opened when the young tea buds are still covered by white hairs.

The delicacy of the white tea leaves means minimal processing to ensure the benefits of the original leaves are preserved. Yet the entire process in making white tea is very arduous and detailed oriented, which is the reason why it is one of the most luxurious and expensive teas.

How is white tea made?

Our white tea collection is produced in Fujian tea farms in China. The climate in the Fujian region contributes to the unique character of white tea. The making of the white tea leaves start by softening the young tea leaves and buds quickly after they are plucked, ensuring the oxidisation is to the minimum, this process begins the natural enzymatic fermentation. The tea leaves are then steamed, hand pressed and baked, this will prepare the leaves to be rolled and shaped to intensify the unique flavour.

In comparison to black tea and green tea, white tea is lesser in processing and lower oxidation, this makes white tea more delicate in flavour and one of the freshest tea available.

What is the flavour of white tea?

White tea is delicate and rare, with beautifully unique aroma and flavour. Being handpicked and handpressed, making every sip a true representation of the craftmanship from the tea farmers.

There are many types of white tea, the overall taste profile is honey-like, floral, fruity, velvety vanilla, sweet and delicate.

White Peony

A delicate fruit blossoms fragrance with a clean, succulent floral-fruit flavour, mellow and earthy tones with a gentle velvety mouthfeel.

Silver Moonlight

This rare tea is plucked at night in full moonlight. Delicious undertones of honey, fruits and velvety vanilla, smooth and mellow character, with a fresh and sweet floral aroma.

Benefits of white tea

White tea is full of antioxidants

The minimal processing of white tea means more antioxidants are preserved, which is known as polyphenols that help neutralise and protect the body from free radicals, it also help fight diseases and improve your immune system.

White tea has anti-ageing properties

The antioxidant properties help strengthen the skin tissues, reduce the skin damage, wrinkles and increase the elasticity and collagen in your skin. 

White tea improves your memory

White tea not only an excellent source of antioxidants, it is also a great source of catechins, which helps to improve memory. Some studies shown to even impedes memory decline.