Chaadao means Tea Ceremony and Philosophy of Tea.

Our vision is simple. We believe great tasting tea and healthy tea should be one and the same. The passion for tea, health, family tradition, natural ingredients and travel have led us to the journey that became Chaadao.

We are committed to collaborating direct with small tea producers and tea cooperatives, offering quality and nutrient-rich whole tea leaves for every brew.

We care for our producers, the environment, from the tea leaves that are plucked to every brew in your cup. We are an independent and creative loose leaf tea brand. We want our teas to help you make the healthy choices that suits your modern lifestyle.

Our teas are natural whole tea leaves, harvesting from the best crop in the Spring Season. We love the tea ceremony tradition and craftsmanship. Natural tea leaves and creating unique tea blends with nutritious, healthy, delicious herbs and natural fruits is a passion and obsession for us.