Growing up in a colonial city - Macau is one of the reasons that inspired Chaadao. The mixture of unique flavours, ingredients, cuisine added the extra twist for the dishes in Chaadao.

With grandma and grandpa’s cooking, the family recipes from two different culture excited the tastebuds everyday. This became the main inspiration.

Putting all the recipes together in one place, from the childhood memories, to the serious eats, the savoury, the sweet, to the yummy drinks.

Unwind with delicious food, share laughters over drinks and sweets at our space in Shoreditch. We want our customers to enjoy, create memories of their own through tastebuds.

We create delicious, nutrient-rich recipes with whole food, natural ingredients from local producers, as well as certified growers and producers directly from Japan, Taiwan and China. We also serve our own branded tea leaves, inventing tasty and healthy drinks that pair perfectly with our menu.