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Loose Leaf Tea Farming

Passionate Tea Brewers

Our journey started since our founder’s childhood drinking tea and eating dim sum with her family every Sunday in Macau, one of the fondest memory we want to share with you.We are a bunch of passionate brewers, blenders, cooks, tasters, health enthusiast and, of course drinkers of loose leaf tea. We believe every cup should provide the benefits nature intended.

This is why we began our venture to search for the best tea producers, focusing on brewing the quality leaves to bring you the best flavour in every cup. 


Simple Ordering System for Loose Leaf Tea and Matcha

Reliable and Efficient Service

Clear available formatsWe understand running your business is important, so we want to make things easy for our partners, by offering reliable service, driving to get our loose leaves and Matcha to you efficiently.

  • Simple and easy order process
  • Same day personal response
  • No minimum order. Free delivery on order over £200
  • Free training & support

Loose Leaf Brewing Training

Training and Support

There’s more… we do more than getting our loose leaf tea to you quickly, we offer all our partners comprehensive training to make the perfect cup of tea and also help with tea menus, choosing the right teaware and equipment.

We’re delighted that you’re considering joining us. We love getting to know our Wholesale Partners, sharing passion, insights and drinking tea together. Simply fill in a form below for a chat or order directly, we’re excited about meeting you.

Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Packets and Tea Caddy Gift

Available Formats for Catering, Office and Retail

Cafes, Restaurants & Hotels Catering

  • 250g Loose Leaf Branded Tin or Glass Jar (approx 83 cups)
  • 500g Loose Leaf Branded Tin or Glass Jar (approx 166 cups)
  • 250g Loose Leaf Wholesale Refill Pack (approx 83 cups)
  • 500g Loose Leaf Wholesale Catering Pack (approx 166 cups)
  • 1kg Loose Leaf Wholesale Catering Pack (approx 333 cups)
  • 50 Tea Pyramids Refill Pack
  • 100 Tea Pyramids Catering Pack

Retail Offering

  • 50g Loose Leaf Retail Branded Packet (approx 20 cups)
  • 100g Loose Leaf Retail Branded Tin (approx 40 cups)
  • 15 Tea Pyramids Retail Pack or Tin
  • 50 Tea Pyramids Refill Pack

Interesting in joining us?

For more information about our products, pricing and partnership opportunities, fill in the form below. Tell us your needs and we will tailor the most suited wholesale package for you. You can also email us on hello@chaadao.com.